The driving mission behind Claim is to create a community that thrives on collaboration. We want to help continue to grow and build the innovative business community in St. Louis. We want Claim to contribute to the already successful startup scene and help boost it up to the next level.

We are looking for like-minded entrepreneurs who seek to build and improve the community in addition to crafting their own business. We ask that all Claim members buy in fully to both the Claim community as well as the St .Louis startup community. We are looking for members who are open to sparking up conversations with peers in the elevator, attending our events, and asking and answering questions. After all, you never know where the spark of a great partnership, idea or opportunity will develop.

A great idea only takes entrepreneurs so far--it’s the relationships and conversations with other experienced professionals that help streamline operations, inspire innovation and form agile business models.

Our Members
Our members are innovative entrepreneurs involved in the early-stage growth of startups and successful small businesses who contribute to and build the essential emerging economy St. Louis. Claim fosters an environment that allows our members the resources and support to achieve and grow faster than they could in isolation.